4 x 12″ Detuned guitar cabinet

This is a 4×12″ detuned cabinet I built back in 2008 for Christoforos Gorantwnakis. On top is the Formyx 5W Blues Head.
The speakers are Celestions, 2 x G12 Vintage 30 @ 60W and 2 x G12K @ 100 Watts. Pay attention to the HUGE port on the lower side of the cab.

Formyx 4x12 cabinet

That beast’s sound was terrifying!!!!

And here it is from the side.

Unfortunately there was no recording device at home available….


The amp that started it all…


Formyx 5W Blues head

The first amp I made, a 5W Single-Ended guitar amplifier.

2 Gain stages, 1x 12AX7, 1x 12AT7 for the FX loop, 1x 6V6 or 1xEL84 at the power stage.
Steel chassis enclosed in a magnetic confinement cage at the inside of the wooden outfit.

Formyx 5W Blues Amp with its 1x12 cabinet
Here it is with her dedicated cabinet, a ‘detuned design’ 1×10 cab a la London Power, in the same wooden finish. The speaker is a Celestion G10 Vintage at 60W.

The picture was taken at  Music Station  musical instrument store in Patras, during the time I was working there as a salesman at the Soundcard/Music Literature Dept, sometimes lending a hand at the Instrument Repairs Dept.

Some imperfections and “injuries” are visible on the wood due to live concert usage! 🙂
A great amp for playing the Blues/Hard rock at home or at small venues. You may need to mic it  to a monitor for listening to it through the drums!!! 🙂

Project: Serenity – part 4

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Here is what it looks like when it’s almost done:

Next we will be powering up the amp and playing some riffs just to see how it rocks. I will be making some cool audio files as well, so stay tuned!

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Project: Serenity – part 3

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I have finished with the amp’s electronics and took some time to upload some pictures from the process.


Here is the circuit board. I use eyelets since the amplifiers I do are actually prototypes and an eyelet board allows for easy changes and customization.

And here are the boards tied together, right before soldering the components:

Here is the amp with it’s guts out, waiting for the eyelet board transfusion… (MEDIIIIC!!!)

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Project: Serenity – part 2

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After some long needed holidays the project is back on track. Today I finished mounting the various hardware like transformers, pots, switches etc. Here are some shots:

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Project: Serenity – part 1

The Serenity Amp project started at 3/12/2011. This amplifier is a 50-Watt head with 2 footswitchable channels, FX loop, 2x6L6 power tubes (with the possiiblity of using EL34 too), 4x12AX7 preamp tubes and 1x12AT7 driving the FX Loop.

The chassis has been drilled and we are now ready to start mounting the components. Here are some pictures:

Chassis drilling

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I got a present from Antique Electronic Supply, guess what…

Chocolate vacuum tubes!

I immediately put them on my 5W experimental amplifier. The result? Creamy, chocolatey sound with tasty mids and very sweet highs!