Integrated HiFi restoration

Taking a little break from the valve world, this wonderfully sounding SANSUI AU-7700 came in for recapping and restoration work.


Capacitors by Nichicon from the ‘Gold Tune’ and ‘Muse’ series were ordered and  installed, replacing the old ones that were giving breath to the amplifier since the mid-70s.


The broken Headphones jack was replaced with an Amphenol stereo jack, and a three-prong power cord was also installed grounding the chassis, conforming to modern Safety Regulations and protecting the user in the rare case a live component should touch the chassis.


After putting the unit back together, it was then tested with a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 225s filling the room with jaw-dropping depth, fidelity and dynamics! One can only imagine the quality and dynamics after the caps are properly broken-in.

Needless to say, this is one unit that has been an example since its release back in the Seventies, where even nowadays it is being used as a reference in recording studios. 


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