“Shields!… Power up!”

That’s what the in-game voice in Project X would say when you would choose to upgrade your shields… But…wait a minute! There were no shields in Project X! Oh, heck, anyway…

I took the chance to celebrate this year’s Midsummer by giving a present to my guitar, namely shielding the electronics with aluminium tape. Now it’s much quieter with less hum when having coil-tapped the pickups. Here are some pics!

Guitar shielding.

Guitar shielding.


Guitar shielding from another angle.

Guitar shielding from another angle.

Neat, huh? 🙂

UPDATE: I am posting the materials needed as well as some tips should anyone wishes to do this.
So, first of all here in this picture are the necessary things you need:
I’ve seen  copper tapes somewhere on the net, although they are a bit more expensive. People on many guitar forums state, though, that aluminium is better at shielding against noise from fluorescent lamps.
Anyway, whatever tape you are planning on buying, make sure that the adhesive on the back is conductive, i.e. it can transfer electricity. Having a Digital Multi Meter handy when going to the store is always good to check this. If your tape does not have a conductive adhesive, it is a good idea to solder the foils together (or spill some solder, if you use aluminium, since it won’t solder).

Some tips on applying the tape to the guitar cavities:

  • Plan your steps on where to apply the foil. You will want to enclose everything inside the foil, making this way an effective Faraday cage. That means the guitar cavities as well as the backside of the pickguard.
  • Go slow and carefully. Doing this fast will result in sloppy results that won’t work properly. It took me approximately
    4 hours to do this, having breaks when I felt I couldn’t concentrate. Knowing your own limits and taking a break whenever necessary without rushing things is wise!
  • Press firmly when applying each piece. Some times it felt that a piece would slide when on top of another piece. If this happens, discard the top piece and just cut another.

Well, that’s it. Good luck and drop a comment with feedback if you feel like it! 🙂


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