1×10 Detuned Guitar cabinet

The newest of my creations. Built following instructions found in London Power’s Speaker Book, this ‘small’ cabinet is a true beast, debunking once more the 4×12 cab myths about loudness etc. Its design allows for clever placing anywhere inside the room, while at the same tine the lower detuned port allows the speaker’s full range of frequencies to escape. It really gives the feeling of a more wide angle of dispersion, which helps the player a lot.

Detuned 1x10 cabinet

Detuned 1×10 cabinet

It’s built with 19mm thick MDF, the speaker element itself being a Celestion Vintage 10″ rated at 60W. The grille cloth (see next picture) is made retractable using black velcro.

As you can see from the picture above, there are 2 parallel input jacks on the left of the speaker, as opposed to the norm where the jacks are situated on the back cover. This is because this particular speaker is part of my gear and it will be sitting in front of me, facing towards my direction. But more on this later…


Sound samples are on the way!…


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