Formyx F12 Isolation cabinet

Some years ago I started experimenting with isolation boxes. The first one I made was made of cheap wood and stone fiber. Inside it was a 12″ cab with a Jensen 100W speaker. Having an SM57 inside I could record at full power, yet the bass frequencies coming out from that box were audible, although not that much. Having the box at the balcony I could only listen a hum from it while listening to what the mic inside it was ‘hearing’ through my monitors.
That iso-box saw live action when I played live with my band, ‘Anelixis’, back in 2005. I had used a powered monitor as a stage speaker and a Marshall 50W… I can’t remember the model, though…

Since that iso-box had inherent design problems (sound isolation problems and static waves) I built a second one, this time using plywood, gypsum blocks, stone fiber and an auralex-type foil. This is the result:

Formyx F12 Iso-cabinet


Its weight was approximately 80kg. Its’ drawback was still the static waves… Yet with careful mic or speaker placement you could easily counter their effect. (You see, when you build stuff like that, you have to have the opposite walls not parallel to each other). I learnt that the hard way, but it was fun!
This box had 2 XLR lines built-in and a speaker cable line.

Here is another pic with a sketchy 10″ speaker inside. The space was enough for various mic placements :
Formyx F12 Isocab close-up


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