The amp that started it all…


Formyx 5W Blues head

The first amp I made, a 5W Single-Ended guitar amplifier.

2 Gain stages, 1x 12AX7, 1x 12AT7 for the FX loop, 1x 6V6 or 1xEL84 at the power stage.
Steel chassis enclosed in a magnetic confinement cage at the inside of the wooden outfit.

Formyx 5W Blues Amp with its 1x12 cabinet
Here it is with her dedicated cabinet, a ‘detuned design’ 1×10 cab a la London Power, in the same wooden finish. The speaker is a Celestion G10 Vintage at 60W.

The picture was taken at  Music Station  musical instrument store in Patras, during the time I was working there as a salesman at the Soundcard/Music Literature Dept, sometimes lending a hand at the Instrument Repairs Dept.

Some imperfections and “injuries” are visible on the wood due to live concert usage! 🙂
A great amp for playing the Blues/Hard rock at home or at small venues. You may need to mic it  to a monitor for listening to it through the drums!!! 🙂


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